People are hungry in the United States. Young and old people, poor & sick people, people on the streets.

We destroy millions of pounds of food each year because it is past the “pull” date or not produced to exact specification or simply overproduced. There are many good efforts designed to solve this problem, but to date, people are hungry.

What else can we do?

Pizza For The Hungry™ will mobilize the delivery portion of the Pizza Industry into a cohesive force to deliver pizza to local distribution points from which hungry people can eat. Pizzerias will form partnerships with local food banks, churches, and other volunteer groups and join together with community spirit to feed hungry people. In order to create incentive for participation, a consumer media campaign, will promote the idea of buying pizza only at pizzerias that support this effort.

Pizza For The Hungry™ will create a rally point to easily feed the hungry in America. Please return and tell your friends…Pizza For The Hungry™ is coming soon.

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   "Feeding America, One Slice at a Time"   


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